How can we rediscover the faith center of family? . . . Begin no matter what age the child is. First, pray for them, and pray for the lessons to be learned in life. . . . Second, remind yourself that parenting is a wonderful and yet difficult expression of ‘letting go’ love. . . . Third, pray with your child. . . . Fourth, read from the Bible to them and, as they grow older read it with them. . . . Lastly, when the child is old enough to understand that they will eventually be on their own, speak to your child about their leaving.
– Real Faith for Real Life, Mike Foss, pg. 94

Families of Faith Monthly Gathering

On the first Wednesday of the month, you are invited to the Families of Faith Gathering at St. Michael.  Come at 5:30 PM for dinner and learn a Bible story as a family.  After the Bible story, the kids spend time singing while the parents check in for conversation and support.  The event finishes about 6:45 PM.  To confirm the date for this month or for more information, please email Pastor John at:

Parenting Christian Kids Newsletter and Taking Faith Home

Each month, St. Michael shares the Parenting Christian Kids newsletter with tips and ideas for building families of faith.  Issues of the newsletter can be found in the “Latest News” section on the front page of the website.


Each Sunday, St. Michael makes available Taking Faith Home, a weekly devotional with scripture readings, prayers and ideas for bringing faith into daily life.  Taking Faith Home is included in the the weekly worship bulletin, can be found in the “Latest News” section on the front page of the website and can be subscribed to at:

Four Keys for Nurturing FaithLife in the Home

(Developed by the Vibrant Faith)

1. Caring Conversation

    Christian values and faith are passed on to the next generation through supportive conversation. Listening and responding to the daily concerns of our children, makes it easier to have meaningful conversation regarding the love of God and is itself a way to express God’s love to others.

2. Devotional Life

    To pass on the Christian faith to children, youth and adults, individuals need to learn the Christian message and Biblical story as their own story. Christianity shapes the whole of one’s life and, therefore, involves a lifetime of Christian study, reflection and prayer.

3. Service

    Children, youth and adults are more likely to be influenced by those who walk the talk. The Christian talk is expressed in the Good Samaritan story. The action of the talk becomes a walk, a way of life, which communicates the care of others, and especially the care of those in need. Service projects are best done with family members and other intergenerational contact from a faith community.

4. Rituals and Traditions

    Daily routines, celebrations, and other ways families choose to identify who they are and tell their family stories speak volumes about what the family values, believes and promotes.

-Values & Faith by Larson and Larson, pg. 11

Suggestions for Devotions

Adapted from Frogs Without Legs Can’t Hear by Anderson and Hill, pgs 148-149

    1. When you awake say the following as you inhale: “The Lord is my Shepherd.” When you exhale say, “I shall not want.”
    2. When you wash in the bathroom look in the mirror as you splash water on your face and say, “I am God’s child through my baptism.”
    3. At your breakfast time say prayers and take a minute for a brief reading of a psalm or other scripture.
    4. Create a family departure ritual – something you say each day as you leave the house or car. For example you might say, “Be a blessing today.”
    5. Say a mealtime prayer before you eat
    6. After a meal use a devotional resource such as the Bible, devotional book, or FaithTalk Cards.
    7. At a time when you are usually together or before bed, read a Bible story together aloud with spouse, friends, children or grandchildren.
    8. At the end of the day pray with each family member as they lie down to rest. You can do this activity if you live alone as well. The “please, sorry, thank you” prayer model works wonderfully. Begin by identifying things you want to ask of God (please), then pray about things you regret (sorry), and then pray for things you are thankful for (thank you).
    9. Prayer while on a walk in the neighborhood or out in nature is invigorating for the body, mind and soul.
    10. Use special occasions like holidays, beginning or ending a vacation, sending a loved one off to a new venture, and life cycle transitions as opportunities to explore the powerful bond you have with others through prayer, Scripture, conversation, rituals and traditions.
    11. Sing a hymn or Sunday School Song while riding in your car or listen to a hymn or Sunday School Song CD